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Why Can’t You Fix Tires With Sidewall Damage?

Getting a flat tire is bad enough, but it only gets worse when you find the damage is to the sidewall. T.D. McNeil Insurance Services in Folsom, CA, wants you to know that no matter how simple the damage is if it’s on the sidewall and not the tread that contacts the road surface, you’ll have to replace your tire. This is due to how tires are constructed, and it’s essential that you understand why.

What Makes Sidewalls Unrepairable?

Sidewalls are flexible, allowing tires to handle expansion due to heat during use and to add some cushioning as the tires travel over uneven surfaces. A perfectly rigid tire would make for an uncomfortable ride, no matter how good your shocks or struts were. The flexibility also helps the tire handle the weight of the car and all its passengers and cargo. However, that flexibility would destroy any patch or plug used on the sidewall, leading to a blowout while driving.

That makes sense, but it raises the question of why a repair to the tread is OK when the tread is constantly rolling over the road and hitting rough surfaces. The tread section is thicker and stronger than the sidewall, and most tires now contain steel cords that keep the tread section more stable than the sidewall or shoulder. A repair stands a better chance of remaining strong and in place if it’s in the tread section. And remember, only puncture-type damage can be repaired; anything longer than that requires tire replacement.

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