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Four rules to follow when you buy RV insurance in California

RV owners in Folsom, CA, can rely on us at T.D. McNeil Insurance Services for their insurance needs. However, it’s important to follow a few key rules when purchasing RV insurance in California.

Here are four important RV insurance rules to keep in mind. 

Know how much your RV is worth.

You should insure your RV for its full value so that you won’t face any financial loss if it’s totaled. That’s why it’s important to be aware of how much your RV is worth when you purchase a policy.

Tailor your policy to your RV usage.

Some RV owners only use their RV during certain times of the year. If you don’t use your RV during certain seasons, you should make sure that the RV insurance coverage you buy is adjusted accordingly.

Many RV insurance providers offer policies that can be adjusted to only offer storage coverage for times of the year when the policyholder is not taking the insured RV out on public roads. 

Meet California’s liability requirements.

By law, motorists must carry at least $30,000 in total bodily injury liability coverage. Ensuring your RV insurance policy meets all California liability coverage requirements is essential. 

Compare your options to get the right policy for your needs

You have a lot of options to consider when you buy RV insurance. Compare your options before you buy a policy. You can get quotes from numerous RV insurance providers and choose the most valuable policy. 

If you need a quote on an RV insurance policy in Folsom, CA, call us today at T.D. McNeil Insurance Services!

Does my RV insurance limit who can drive my RV?

At T.D. McNeil Insurance Services, we find RV insurance one of the most misunderstood types of policy. Folsom, CA residents with RV policies must list the individuals who will drive the RV.

RV Driver Requirements

Typically, RV policies let you add up to four drivers besides the RV’s owner. Each motorhome driver must maintain a valid driver’s license in the US. Some policies set an age limit, such as 18 or 21 years of age, to reduce risk.

Why Add Drivers?

Motorhome trips can mean long hours of driving, so many RV owners list every adult member of their immediate family on their policy. This lets them share driving duties.

In many ways, RV insurance works like auto insurance. For someone to use your vehicle, you need to list them on your insurance. That’s why spouses typically list both names as drivers on their policies. RV insurance works the same way.

Contact Us Today

Perhaps when you purchased your RV policy from T.D. McNeil Insurance Services you did not plan long trips, so you only listed yourself. You can update your RV policy to add drivers at any time. We recommend adding as many\ qualified RV drivers as your policy allows so you protect your finances in case of an accident.

If your family drives the RV and causes an accident, your policy may not cover the damages to your RV or the other vehicles. Before you leave on a trip from Folsom, CA to parts unknown, update your motorhome coverage. Call or email our offices today to get started.

Why Do You Need RV Insurance?

RVs are incredibly diverse vehicles because they can be used for a comfortable living experience or for an exciting traveling excursion. But no matter your purpose for purchasing an RV, you will need to obtain RV insurance. 

The need for RV insurance is quite similar to the need for auto insurance. Because the RV will be mobile at some point regardless, it must be protected in the event of a collision taking place on the road.

There are several other reasons why you need an RV insurance policy:

Obtaining RV coverage separate from your home and car insurance policies will allow for additional safeguarding that may not be available with other policies. Due to RVs being fairly expensive, it is paramount to provide protection at all times regardless.

After purchasing your RV, the insurance policy will actually allow you to save money overall, including during vacations – your policy can include additional coverage that extends to your travel plans. Due to it being a separate policy, you will be directed to agents and other staff who are educated in RVs and RV claims.

Lastly, maintaining the correct coverage in California is also required by law.

Get The Right Coverage Today

T.D. McNeil Insurance Services in Folsom, CA will assist you in receiving the correct RV insurance coverage for your situation. Our agents understand the importance of RV liability insurance and can guide you through the process to make certain that you are covered legally and financially.

T.D. McNeil Insurance Services will provide you with peace of mind so you and your investment will be secure. Our qualified insurance professionals will make sure that you are able to stay on the road safely. Call us today or stop by the office if you are in the Folsom, CA area.

What You Need To Know About RV Insurance

Owning an RV provides you with the ultimate opportunity to travel and have freedom for your living arrangements. To make the most of your RV ownership, you need to have the proper insurance in place. T.D. McNeil Insurance Services can help you make the best insurance choices in Folsom, CA. 

Is Auto Insurance Enough for My RV?

Many people think that auto insurance is enough to cover their RV needs. Although in most states, you can operate an RV on the road, these types of insurance policies do not provide the right kind of coverage for people who are traveling a good deal in their RV or for people who are living in an RV. 

What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Your RV policy can be customized to suit your particular needs, but in most cases, an RV policy will provide coverage in the following areas:

  • Property damage- If you are living in your RV or staying in your RV for long periods of time, you will want to have property damage insurance in place. This type of coverage will reimburse you for your personal belongings if your belongings are lost due to fire, collision, burglary, or natural disaster. 
  • Liability- If your RV is involved in an accident that causes damage to another vehicle, or that results in others being injured, you could be held liable for the expenses of the accident, or for any medical bills or legal fees. Liability coverage will pay for these expenses so that you do not pay out of pocket.  

If you would like to learn more about RV insurance or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at T.D. McNeil Insurance Services, serving Folsom, CA and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to answer your questions. 

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