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Does my RV insurance limit who can drive my RV?

At T.D. McNeil Insurance Services, we find RV insurance one of the most misunderstood types of policy. Folsom, CA residents with RV policies must list the individuals who will drive the RV.

RV Driver Requirements

Typically, RV policies let you add up to four drivers besides the RV’s owner. Each motorhome driver must maintain a valid driver’s license in the US. Some policies set an age limit, such as 18 or 21 years of age, to reduce risk.

Why Add Drivers?

Motorhome trips can mean long hours of driving, so many RV owners list every adult member of their immediate family on their policy. This lets them share driving duties.

In many ways, RV insurance works like auto insurance. For someone to use your vehicle, you need to list them on your insurance. That’s why spouses typically list both names as drivers on their policies. RV insurance works the same way.

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Perhaps when you purchased your RV policy from T.D. McNeil Insurance Services you did not plan long trips, so you only listed yourself. You can update your RV policy to add drivers at any time. We recommend adding as many\ qualified RV drivers as your policy allows so you protect your finances in case of an accident.

If your family drives the RV and causes an accident, your policy may not cover the damages to your RV or the other vehicles. Before you leave on a trip from Folsom, CA to parts unknown, update your motorhome coverage. Call or email our offices today to get started.

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