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Thorough Home Insurance Policy Overview

T.D. McNeil Insurance Services assists the Folsom. CA community and surrounding areas. We work with multiple carriers across the state. This allows us to offer different types of coverage to our clients. We are committed to helping our clients find the necessary insurance to stay protected in any situation.

Thorough Home Insurance Policy Overview

The Folsom. CA area is home to several beautiful properties. As a local homeowner, you have made a significant investment. Obtaining the right home insurance policy is important because it alleviates stress. Home insurance covers potential damages to the exterior of your home such as your roof, as well as the interior of your home. In most cases, home insurance policies also cover any damage to detached structures such as a garage or shed. All of your personal items inside the home are also protected. This can help alleviate stress if you are a victim of theft or have some of your possessions vandalized. You can add extra coverage to your policy if you have luxury possessions at your home. This ensures that those items are fully covered if they suffer damage.

Liability coverage protects you if a guest suffers damage while visiting your home. You’re also covered if you accidentally injure your neighbor’s property. Perhaps you are cutting down a tree in your yard and some branches damage your neighbor’s property. Liability coverage will protect you. Home insurance also covers your property against potential damages due to a fire or natural disaster. If you add temporary living coverage, you’ll be protected if you are required to stay at a hotel for a few weeks until the damage to your home is repaired.

T.D. McNeil Insurance Services Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Landscaping and Gardens in California: When it Needs its Own Insurance

It doesn’t matter where you go in California. Residents are taking excellent care of their landscaping. There is something special about the gardens here. Homeowners pride themselves on being able to up the ante on their curb appeal or backyard oasis. It would be devastating if something happened to it, whether through theft, accident, or natural disaster. Do you know how much of your gardens are covered by your home insurance? 

T.D. McNeil Insurance Services has been serving Folsom, CA for years. We do know when your home insurance covers your beautiful landscaping and when it needs its own.

What is Covered by Your Homeowner’s Policy

Your homeowner’s policy will cover some of your gardens and landscaping. This is your standard garden work, which your policy will specify. Generally speaking, this includes shrubs, bushes, trees, and some flower beds.

What you can not claim for is something that would happen naturally in any garden. If you experience damage due to insects, for example, you can’t file a claim for that.

What Isn’t Covered by Home Insurance

When you have something special in your garden that is rare, has a high value, or is very old, then you need a separate insurance policy or a rider on your home insurance. This may not necessarily be a plant or live botanical. It could be an irrigation system, security, or something that might be considered a live asset or protecting one.

If you’ve had a 100-year-old tree transplanted into your landscape design, you should get separate insurance or policy for that. You may also have something like an asset such as foliage or plants that you inherited that have a value greater than what your homeowner’s insurance would cover.

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If you aren’t sure what your home insurance will cover with your gardens, give us a call. T.D. McNeil Insurance Services serving Folsom, CA has been protecting the landscapes of California for years.

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