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4 Tips for Buying Flood Insurance

If you live in Folsom, CA, chances are that flooding may have an impact on your life. The Folsom area is moderately at risk of flooding in the next few decades, meaning that insurance is in greater need than ever before. With T.D. McNeil Insurance Services, homeowners can have the coverage they need to protect themselves against flooding.

Here are some tips for purchasing flood insurance.

1. Choose Public or Private Insurance Based on Your Needs

In California, homeowners can purchase public insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private company. The NFIP is a federal government program managed by FEMA and covers specific coverage. Private insurance carriers create their own policies and can offer additional coverage. 

2. Purchase Flood Insurance Sooner Than Later

Typical homeowner’s insurance varies in coverage, but they rarely include protection against flooding. Purchasing separate flood insurance provides buyers with the assurance that they are fully protected if disaster strikes. 

3. Check a Variety of Insurers

Shop around for many flood insurance policies before making a decision. Some insurers provide shorter wait times for the coverage to begin. This difference can be critical in protecting your home from flooding. There are also differences in pricing and covered expenses, so look at the insurance options in your area. 

4. Check Your Flood Insurance Coverage

Remember that your flood insurance likely doesn’t cover earthquakes, even if a flood causes them. Carefully check your policy before purchasing.

Whether choosing federal or private insurance, flood coverage is a necessity. Contact T.D. McNeil Insurance Services today for your flood policy needs in Folsom, CA. 

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