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Do you have coverage? or insurance? The most expensive insurance policy is the one that doesn’t cover your loss. In most cases, such as loss by fire, insurance coverage is obvious. But there are other, unique situations, where the answer is not that obvious. Ain’t That A Claim ( is an entertaining blog designed to write about unique and interesting events and explore some of the potential insurance coverage issues.

For example, what if you find a terrorist hiding out in your boat parked in your backyard. That actually happened to someone near Boston during the hunt for the Boston bombers. What if that happened to you? What if your boat was damaged. What you got into an altercation with the suspect and one or both of you were injured. What if your home was damaged during the attempted arrest by the police. What if your boat was damaged? What if your boat was confiscated by the police and held as evidence. These are just a few of the things that could happen. Obviously, it is beyond rare to have a terrorist choose to hide out in your back yard. The question is: “If that happened to you; “ain’t that a claim?”

Our founder, Terry D. McNeil, has many years experience as a claim manager for major corporations. He has handled thousands of claims and lawsuits. Mr. McNeil has been retained by both plaintiffs and insurance companies to testify as an expert witness regarding insurance coverage disputes. If you have a unique situation that you would like to be considered for a blog article, please send an e-mail to