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Wherever you are, however busy you are, you can thank, reward, celebrate, or simply send love – in a cup. A mobile website takes your order and sends your message to someone whose day you want to make via text and email.

Your recipient will then redeem his/her CupAJoy from a local independent coffee house, and order most everything on the Specialty Coffee menu, from drip to caramel latte with 2 pumps of chocolate to their tea of choice.

Companies can gift employees over the holidays, reward and recognize them for a job well done and wish them happy birthday and/or congratulations. Your customers will love an affordable (under $10) gift for their patronage. Please contact us at 830-237-2735 for more information on how we can create a winning-sharing opportunity for your company. CupAJoy brings people together.

CupAJoy gives back a portion of its proceeds to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance helping coffee growers and their families globally. We support our local businesses and are committed to recognizing our affiliate coffee houses and helping them thrive. We currently have 3 amazing locations in Folsom and expect to have several more in the next months.

We start our adventure in Sacramento, known for its robust coffee culture. Your recipient will choose from 14 independent coffee houses. Our base is growing weekly. We are also in Davis, Woodland and Folsom. Next … the Bay Area.

Send Joy to those you love and care about …. one cup at a time …