Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is important to protect you and your family. We are an independent insurance agency representing several top quality insurance carriers. We match you with the insurance carrier that meets your specific needs. Insurance carriers offer their best pricing for their target market. If you are a great driver, with no tickets and no accidents, great. We have several carriers that will complete for your business. If you are a good driver, but have had a few “driving adventures”  like traffic tickets and or accidents, we have the best carrier for you too. Even if you’re a driver, with a challenging driving record, like a DUI or a Reckless driving, we have the best carrier for you too.

We also take the time to get to know you and help you choose the right coverages for you.

We also have specialty carriers that handle special vehicles. So if you have a classic car or an exotic new sports car, we can place you with the best carrier to meet your need.

We believe best automobile insurance policy for you is the one that provides the protection you need. We can obtain the coverage and the limits necessary to protect you and your family, including students way at school. We take the time to explain important coverage like medical payments, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. We discuss potential cost saving features like higher deductibles, with a glass buyback. We offer waive of deductible coverage in the event your vehicle is damaged by a negligent uninsured motorists. We can even offer rental car reimbursement, so if your car is disabled because of an accident, you have coverage for a rental car while it is being repaired. If you have a new car, we can offer new car replacement coverage to protect your investment.

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