While flood is an excluded peril under the standard homeowners’ policy, there are many water damage claims that have nothing to do with flood. Many water damage claims result from the overflow of a plumbing fixture. For example the supply line servicing a sink may break, resulting in significant water damage. These types of claims […]

Harrison Phillips and His ‘Playmaker Pups’ Donate Toys This Holiday Season

Harrison Phillips, a defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills, and his ‘Playmaker Pups’ donated dozens of toys to children sick during the holidays. We are honored that ‘Playmaker Pups’ is a client of T.D. McNeil Insurance.  “HAMBURG, N.Y. (WKBW) — Despite being sidelined this year with an injury, Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Harrison Phillips has […]

The State Of The State

firefighter with hose spraying fire

Many people are highly aware of the serious problem with homeowners’ insurance in California. People who live in areas at or near to fire zones are having their homeowner insurance policies cancelled or non-renewed. In most cases, there are no other insurance carriers who are willing to write homeowners insurance with an affordable premium. The […]

Folsom Veterans Day Parade


What a  privilege and honor to be recognized during the Folsom Veterans Day parade. Thank you to Folsom Lake Ford for providing a beautiful Mustang for us to parade around in. Between 1968-1970 Terry McNeil, our company owner, served in the United States Air Force and flew 100+ combat missions in Vietnam. From the bottom […]


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